Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Watch Leverage Season 5 Episode 11 Online Free

Summary: The crew sabotages a new big-box mega-store in order to prevent it from destroying a small town.

Watch The Voice Season 3 Episode 26 Live Results Show Online

Watch Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 8 Achy Breaky Hearts Online

Summary: Both Zoe and Lemon are having a difficult time accepting Lavon and Ruby's (guest star Golden Brooks) new relationship, so they decide to find out Ruby's true intentions. Wade agrees to supervise a Little Ranger's camping trip to avoid a potentially awkward conversation with George. However, when George unexpectedly shows up on the trip, Wade has nowhere to hide, and their talk makes him see his relationship in a different light. Meanwhile, Brick wants to take the next step in his relationship with Emily (guest star Mary Page Keller), but is shocked about who is not on board with the plan.

Watch Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 12 Darthy Online

Summary: Jax envisions a new direction for the club.

Watch New Girl Season 2 Episode 9 Eggs Online

Summary: When Jess learns that a friend is pregnant, both she and Cece panic that time is running out for them to have children. Meanwhile, Schmidt seeks advice on how to please Emma, and Nick and Winston visit the zoo to find inspiration for Nick's zombie-themed novel.

Watch Geordie Shore Season 4 Episode 4 Online

Monday, November 26, 2012

Watch Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 3 Online Free

Summary: Leah and Corey finalize their divorce; Chelsea's father learns that she is living with Adam; Jenelle goes against her lawyer's advice; Kailyn sees a picture of Jo and his girlfriend.

Watch Basketball Wives LA Season 2 Episode 12 Online

Summary: The women journey to New York City to strut their stuff on the runway for Jackie's clothing line. Anger mounts when Draya avoids a party to celebrate Brooke's appearance on the cover of a major magazine.

Watch Made in Chelsea Season 4 Episode 7 Online Free

Summary: The love triangle between Sophia, Proudlock and Francis continues and Sophia starts to wonder if she could have feelings for Francis. Andy wants to sort out his friendship with Jamie following the fallout at Rosie's dinner party. Binky, Cheska and Ollie's mums enjoy a drink of champagne as they talk about the lives of their children

Watch Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 8 Online Free

Summary: McGarrett plays cat and mouse with a smart and seductive therapist he believes murdered her patient. Meanwhile, Catherine must hunt down one of Doris's old targets who is now seeking revenge.

Watch The Voice Season 3 Episode 25 Online Free

Watch Revolution Season 1 Episode 10 Online Free

Summary: In the gang's quest to rescue Danny, the time has come for Miles and Monroe to meet face to face. Meanwhile, on the verge of reuniting with her brother, Charlie is conflicted by a shocking discovery and Rachel tests Monroe's patience.

Watch Bones Season 8 Episode 8 The But In The Joke Online

Summary: A street artist who is plastering his work on a billboard falls into his glue -- and onto a corpse -- so the team try to get him unstuck from the remains as they also work to identify the body. Meanwhile, Booth takes a stab at stand-up comedy at a club's open-mike night to look for suspects; and Angela finds herself attracted to the street artist.

Watch 2 Broke Girls Season 2 Episode 8 Online Free

Summary: Max and Caroline cook up a surprising fundraising solution when a potential storefront for Max’s Homemade Cupcakes becomes available for rent.

Watch 90210 Season 5 Episode 7 99 Problems Online

Summary: Silver's convinced that Dixon is going to propose to Adrianna when she is asked to headline for a major artist as he has said he's going to buy her a surprise gift. With this in mind she convinces her to come clean about her affair with Tyler. Liam is worried when he receives a letter that suggests someone knows where Vanessa is. Riley accuses Annie of been uncomfortable with his disability. Naomi is uncomfortable when she manages to convince Max to replace Alec and the perfect replacement is a gorgeous girl.

Watch Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 7 Online Free

Summary: Serena and Dan realize that they need to make amends with the people they have wronged. Blair has one last chance to prove to her mother her worth as a fashion designer and with Serena’s help, comes up with a plan to make her line the “it” look for Sage and her friends. Chuck is close to getting the evidence he needs against his father, until one of his closest allies reveals his plan to Bart.

Watch How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 8 Online

Summary: Marshall takes on his old friend/new nemesis Brad in the biggest case of his career. Meanwhile, the gang reminisces about their own run-ins with the law, leading to a debate over who was the biggest delinquent as a teenager.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Watch 666 Park Avenue Season 1 Episode 8 Online Free

Summary: Jane disappears without a trace, forcing a despondent Henry to worry for her safety and sanity. When she suddenly pops up in the middle of Times Square dazed and confused and is taken to a hospital for observation, Jane discovers that a horrible fate may be waiting for her there. Meanwhile, Gavin has Victor Shaw held captive in The Drake's boiler room with Kandinsky torturing him to give up the location of the red box. Shaw, however, shockingly reveals to Gavin his knowledge of what really happened to his daughter, Sasha, and threatens to tell Olivia. Finally, to Brian's dismay, he discovers that unless he is with Alexis, his creativity vanishes.

Watch Sister Wives Season 3 Episode 14 Online Free

Summary: Kody and the wives attend parent-teacher conferences; Logan graduates from college; Meri feels pressured to have another child.

Watch Mythbusters Season 11 Episode 8 Online Free

Summary: Kari, Grant, Tory, Adam and Jamie look back at some of their favorite explosions from the series.

Watch The X Factor Season 9 Episode 27 Online Free

Summary: Dermot returns with the results of this week's public vote. The two acts with the lowest amount of public votes perform again before the judges decide who will be going home

Watch Misfits Season 4 Episode 5 Online Free

Watch The Good Wife Season 4 Episode 9 A Defense of Marriage Online

Summary: Alicia and Diane agree to let a famous liberal lawyer aid them on their latest case, but they soon realize he may not have their client’s best interests in mind. Meanwhile, Alicia’s mother arrives for Thanksgiving seeking moral and legal support from Alicia and her brother Owen.

Watch Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 11 Two Imposters Online

Summary: Gyp makes his move in Atlantic City, forcing Nucky and Eddie to seek refuge with Chalky. With the Artemis Club overrun by Rosetti thugs, Gillian contemplates a business future that includes an unwelcome partner. Luciano makes a deal he’ll come to regret; Harrow loses his house privileges.

Watch Victorious Season 4 Episode 6 Online Free

Watch The Simpsons Season 24 Episode 6 Online Free

Summary: When Fat Tony is finally caught and forced to serve time... on jury duty he passes power to his account Dan. Dan comes to Homer for help when he realizes he'll have to 'trim the excess fat' from Tony's personnel. Meanwhile, Lisa adds insects to her vegetarian diet.

Watch The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 9 Black Cherry Online

Summary: The CBI team investigates the murder of a real estate agent with former gang ties, while Jane searches for leads on his new connection to Red John.

Watch Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 8 Into the Deep Online

Summary: Cora does everything in her power to steal the compass away from Mary Margaret and Emma in her quest to find the entrance to Storybrooke. Meanwhile, in order to protect Henry from further danger, Regina and Mr. Gold must put David's life in jeopardy in an attempt to put him in contact with Mary Margaret across the lands to give her vital information that could help her and Emma return through the portal back to Storybrooke.

Watch Revenge Season 2 Episode 8 Lineage Online

Summary: Hindsight's 20/20 when a flashback to 2006 has Victoria getting a surprise visit from her estranged mother, triggering memories of her tumultuous upbringing. Emily embarks on her first mission under Takeda's training, where she meets Aiden and learns of his revenge path. 2006 is also the year Nolcorp goes public, and Carl Porter gets into hot water when he crosses the wrong people on the docks.

Watch Family Guy Season 11 Episode 6 Online Free

Summary: Lois experiences a mid-life crisis, and Peter tries to keep up with her new, wild lifestyle. Meanwhile, Stewie finds a turtle at the park and brings him home as his new pet, unaware that the turtle is evil and determined to destroy Stewie’s life

Watch Homeland Season 2 Episode 9 Two Hats Online

Summary: Brody makes a necessary phone call. Saul teams up with Virgil and Max to dig up some information on one of their own. Carrie finds herself preparing for the most important meeting of her career.

Watch Dexter Season 7 Episode 9 Helter Skelter Online

Summary: As Dexter scrambles to track down Isaak, a power struggle erupts among the Koshka Brotherhood, which could prove to Dexter's advantage. Meanwhile, Miami Dade tries to smoke out the Phantom Arsonist.

Watch The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 7 Online Free

Summary: The Governor presses for information. A new guest arrives at the prison, forcing Rick's hand.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Watch Take Me Out Season 4 Episode 8 Online Free

Summary: Paddy attempts to find dates for a selection of different women. If they aren't impressed by what they see and hear they can turn off their lights. Any girls with their lights still turned on at the end of several rounds they have the chance to be selected to go out on a date with the man. If all the girls end up turning their lights off the man goes home without a date. Paddy also updates on how last week's dates went.

Watch Pokemon Season 15 Episode 41 Online Free

Summary: A wild Dragonite takes residence in a local power plant and begins causing trouble.

Watch The X Factor Season 9 Episode 26 Online Free

Summary: The remaining finalists perform live for the eighth time hoping to impress both the judges and the viewers at home. This week each act has to perform twice and the theme is Abba and Motown.

Watch Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 5 Episode 9 Online Free

Summary: When General Grievous launches a full-scale attack on the pirate base on Florrum, Ahsoka and the younglings fight side-by-side with Hondo and his pirates to turn back the Separatist forces.

Watch Victorious Season 4 Episode 5 Cell Block Online

Watch Merlin Season 5 Episode 8 The Hollow Queen Online

Summary: When Merlin agrees to help a young Druid boy, Daegal, he has no choice but to leave Camelot on a dangerous mission. With the citadel distracted by the visit of the fearsome Sarrum of Amata, it seems that no one will notice his absence. But as the sky darkens, so do Merlin's suspicions - is there more to Daegal than meets the eye? And can a man as ruthless as the Sarrum ever really be trusted? Before long, the young warlock realises he has made a terrible mistake.

Watch iCarly Season 6 Episode 13 iGoodbye Online

Summary: Carly wants her father to escort her to an important dance; Sam fixes a motorcycle; Freddie gets a new phone.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Watch Chicago Fire Season 1 Episode 7 Two Families Online

Summary: Everyone in the firehouse is ordered to take a drug test after a call to a daycare center exposes them to a makeshift meth lab, and Severide stalls, not wanting his injury, or the painkillers he takes, to be discovered. Meanwhile, Truck and Squad find themselves pinned down by gunfire while trying to help the victim of a gang shooting, and a deep-fried turkey fire grows from small to explosive when a garage catches fire. Elsewhere, Dawson saves a bleeding man and Casey delivers a baby on the scene of a massive car pileup on the freeway.

Watch Top Chef Season 10 Episode 3 Tom vs. Emeril: Turkeypocalypse Online

Summary: The foodies serve up assorted dumplings featuring various global tastes. Then, it's a battle between Emeril Lagasse and Tom Colicchio when the two celebrity chefs lead teams in a grand-scale Thanksgiving-theme challenge. Guest judge: Dana Cowin.

Watch Survivor Season 25 Episode 10 Whiners are Wieners Online

Summary: The castaways compete for a spa reward.

Watch CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 13 Episode 8 Online Free

Summary: When five bodies are found in what appears to be a meteor site in the middle of the desert, CSI Finlay recognizes one of the casualties, prompting her to revisit her past.

Watch Private Practice Season 6 Episode 7 The World According to Jake Online

Summary: Upon hearing that he must meet with Henry's social worker during a home visit, Jake fears that an incident in his past will come to light. Meanwhile, Addison becomes skeptical of Jake's needy patient and James continues to pursue Amelia.

Watch The X Factor (US) Season 2 Episode 18 Top Finalists Perform LIVE Show #3 Online

Summary: Performances by the top finalists are featured.

Watch Law & Order: SVU Season 14 Episode 8 Lesson's Learned Online

Summary: A professor's unusual encounter with Detective Amaro sends the SVU on an investigation into reports of sexual abuse at a prestigious private school. Stonewalled by the school board, Detective Benson enlists ADA Barba and a retired teacher to help reveal a massive cover-up as more and more victims emerge.

Watch Criminal Minds Season 8 Episode 8 Online Free

Summary: When a school bus full of children goes missing the BAU team is called in to help locate them.

Watch American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 6 Online Free

Summary: A mysterious little girl is abandoned at Briarcliff. The Monsignor makes a Faustian pact with Dr. Arden. The origin of Bloody Face is revealed.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Watch Basketball Wives LA Season 2 Episode 11 Online Free

Summary: Brooke receives good news, but that only results in bad news for her relationship with Draya. Elsewhere, Gloria stifles Bambi during a dispute, sparking a strong reaction.

Watch Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 6 Online

Summary: Blair gets ready for her mother’s imminent arrival, but is unprepared for the set of demands her mother puts upon her. Serena volunteers to help Dan find a new place to live, but their time together brings up unexpected emotions. With Ivy’s help, Chuck discovers there is evidence incriminating his father in illegal activities and enlists the help of Nate to retrieve it. Meanwhile, Rufus and Ivy are excited about their art gallery opening until they find an empty RSVP list and must scramble to find another way to make the event a success.

Watch 90210 Season 5 Episode 6 Online Free

Summary: Navid leaks Liam and Linsey's sex tape as his jealousy takes over. Riley tells Annie how he feels, but Annie is set on making things work with Colin. Naomi and Alec work together to help Max work out who hacked his software. Dixon hides how he is refusing to take pain medication from Adrianna, until he collapses from a spinal infection. Taylor tells Adrianna he wants to be with her.

Watch 2 Broke Girls Season 2 Episode 7 Online

Summary: Max and Caroline enlist two Amish boys who are exploring the modern world to build a barn for Chestnut. Meanwhile, Candy Andy discovers Caroline’s ex-billionaire identity.

Watch Castle Season 5 Episode 8 Online

Summary: In the aftermath of a disastrous "Meet the Parents" dinner, a bickering Castle and Beckett are sent to retrieve the only witness to a murder, but they get ambushed and are forced to take the witness on the run. Stranded in the middle of the night in a bad part of town, with no phone, badge or gun, Castle and Beckett must find a way to protect him from a team of mobsters -- that is, if they don't kill each other first.

Watch Private Practice Season 6 Episode 6 Online

Summary: In this Addison-centric episode, her role as a parent is challenged when Henry's biological mother reappears and asks to be more involved in her young son's life. Meanwhile Addison reconnects with her mentor, who shares a very painful secret.

Watch Covert Affairs Season 3 Episode 16 Lady Stardust Online

Summary: When a fellow spy is taken hostage, Annie travels to Amsterdam to eliminate Khalid once and for all.

Watch NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 Episode 7 Online Free

Summary: The NCIS: LA team heads to the beach to question the possible link between a surfer, an Internet video and a dead Naval tech scientist. Meanwhile, as Callen and Hanna investigate the victim's intelligence connections, Deeks and Kensi go undercover to catch their suspects and some waves.

Watch NCIS Season 10 Episode 7 Online Free

Summary: Gibbs continues to work with Captain Wescott while he retraces his steps in order to help the NCIS team track down a terrorist. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, Abby’s enthusiasm for the NCIS family dinner is building, and Tony’s curiosity is peaking when he learns Ziva is making special plans for the opera.

Watch The Voice Season 3 Episode 24 Online

Summary: Two singers from each team are eliminated in a results installment.

Watch Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 7 Online

Summary: After Zoe treats the high school football team, she learns that Max (guest star Nicholas Podany), who happens to be Rose's (guest star McKaley Miller) new crush, has become infatuated with her instead. Eager to nip his crush in the bud, Zoe learns that Max is prone to overreacting to heartbreak and is encouraged by the town to wait until after the big game, as they are counting on him to win. Lemon decides to start a catering business and asks AnnaBeth (guest star Kaitlyn Black) to join, but Lemon is taken aback by her answer. Meanwhile, Lavon tries to win over Ruby's (guest star Golden Brooks) grandfather Sergeant Jeffries (guest star Charlie Robinson) by doing his chores, but Lavon finds out there is another reason her grandfather doesn't want them together.

Watch Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 11 Online

Summary: Jax scrambles to put his affairs in order, while Nero handles business with his old crew.

Watch New Girl Season 2 Episode 8 Parents Online

Summary: Jess invites her divorced Mom and Dad over for Thanksgiving dinner and enlists Nick and Cece to help her with a "Parent Trap" to reunite them. Meanwhile, Schmidt's cousin, Big Schmidt, visits, and Winston manipulates them into an escalating battle to prove their manhood.

Watch Geordie Shore Season 4 Episode 3 Online Free

Monday, November 19, 2012

Watch Bones Season 8 Episode 7 Online

Summary: When a crime scene cleanup expert’s remains are found mysteriously sealed in an impenetrable pod that washed up on the beach, the team tackles one of their most challenging investigations. Meanwhile, Angela and Hodgins learn of a secret romance in which Cam is involved.

Watch How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 7 Online

Summary: Marshall recommends his old law school classmate Brad for a job at his firm, but the interview goes awry, leaving Marshall to do damage control with his boss. Meanwhile, Robin helps negotiate Barney's return to the strip club circuit.

Watch The Voice Season 3 Episode 23 Online